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If you want the safety of your staff to be at the top of your priority list, it’s even more important that you don’t overlook small things like electrical appliance safety checks. Even a minor neglect in this area can cause electric shock, or even fatal consequences.

Our process

Competent and trained technicians at Electrical Test and Tag (ETT) carry out the process from start to finish in accordance with Australian test and tag standard AS/NZW 3760. Click here if you would like to purchase your copy of the current Australian Standard “AS/NZS 3760:2010 In-service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment”. Using the latest Portable Appliance Testers (PATs) with accessories including softwares, printers, and scanners Electrical Test & Tag (ETT) provides a complete testing solution. Our process is divided into the following four steps:

Visual Inspection

A visual check of all appliances to identify any problems or defects. The following equipment checks shall be made by visual and physical inspection of all equipment:   
  Check for obvious damage, defects, or modifications in the equipment and its accessories, connectors, plugs or cord extension sockets; and for discoloration that may indicate exposure to excessive heat, chemicals or moisture.

Check that flexible cords are effectively anchored to equipment, plugs, connectors and cord extension sockets.

 Check for damage to flexible cords to ensure that:

  • The inner cores of flexible cords are not exposed or twisted.
  • The external sheaths are not cut, abraded, twisted, or damaged to such an extent that the insulation of the inner cores is visible.
  • Unprotected conductors or the use of banding insulation tape are not in evidence.

Electrical Testing

The purpose of testing is to detect the unobservable faults not found by the visual inspection process and forms an integral part of the inspection/testing process. The following types of electrical tests are performed depending upon the class of appliance:
Earth Continuity Test
Leakage Test
Insulation Test
Polarity Test

Tagging or Labelling

Following visual and electrical tests, compliant appliance shall be fitted with a durable, non-reusable, non-metallic, barcoded tag.

Non-compliant appliance shall be withdrawn from service and Out of Service or Danger Tag shall be fitted on it. The choice of remedial action, disposal or other corrective action shall be determined by the owner or the person responsible for the safety of the site where the equipment is used.  

Documentation or Reporting

Finally, a computer-generated report or asset register will be provided to client with the following information:

    • Site Name

Appliance Location

Asset ID

Asset Description

Name of Technician (who performed the test)

Test Instrument’s Serial Number

Test Date

Retest Period

Next Test Date

Test Results

The report is provided by a soft-copy for easy transfer. This report can be used as Asset Management Register. When equipment approaches the retest date, we send you a courtesy email and give phone reminders.

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