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An employer cannot overlook the sheer importance of getting all the electrical appliances checked by professionals. We believe that the safety of the staff is of the utmost importance in any workplace. Even trivial negligence of electrical appliance safety checks can lead to electric shock or other fatal consequences.

Microwave Testing

Microwaves have become a fundamentally essential need of a household in the last decade or so. Microwaves have made lives easier by reducing the time and effort required to prepare or reheat meals, but they have also added the risk of leakage to the list of hazards.

Three Phase Testing

Three Phase appliances are commonly found in workshops, factories, production plants, and manufacturing facilities. These appliances use higher voltage i.e., 415 volts instead of typical 240 volts and draw higher current

RCD Testing

Residual Current Devices (RCDs) are safety switching devices.  RCD is a protective measure used in residential and commercial settings to immediately cut-off power if a fault arises in the electrical circuit. RCD monitors the current flow in the active and neutral wires of the power lead or device connected to it. 


Factories, workshops, places of manufacture, assembly, maintenance or fabrication. Environment where the equipment or supply flexible cord is subject to flexing in normal use OR is open to abuse OR is in a hostile environment

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