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We carry out works on industrial machinery, control panels, PLCs VSDs to general power, lighting and data cabling.

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Fully Compliant

Fully Compliant

Online Ethics work like never before. We're here to help you succeed! Our testing and tagging services are in accordance with the AS/NZS 3760 Test and Tag Sydney Australia standard.

Impeccable Track Record

Impeccable Track Record

Our operational procedures and professionalism have something to offer clients all over Australia. We adopt industry-standard practices for health and safety checks, ensuring that our technicians are skilled in the field of their craft.

Industry-Standard Tools

Industry-Standard Tools

We make our appliance testing process more efficient and result-oriented by leveraging top-notch portable appliance testers (PAT). Client satisfaction is our ultimate quality benchmark.

Competitive Rates

Competitive Rates

Our goal is to bring you the finest services at highly competitive rates with no hidden fees. We'll be upfront about which services we provide, and how they work.

Test And Tag Sydney

Electrical Test & Tag Services Sydney

Top-Notch Test and Tag Services For Optimum Safety

At Electrical Test and Tag Sydney, we understand the importance of keeping your property safe. We’ve helped businesses, homes, and even workplaces from potential electrical risks. From fixing to prevention, no issue is too big or small for our team to take on. Whether you need someone to help you install a new light fixture or restore the system’s safety with a regular maintenance plan, our team will be there for you.

Electrical Equipment Services (ETT) technicians are highly qualified and well-trained. They perform their services in accordance with Test and Tag Sydney Australia’s standard AS/NZW 3760.

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Risk Management

Test and Tag SWMS (Safe Work Method Statement)

The objective of Electrical Test and Tags SWMS (Safe Work Method Statement) is to examine hazards and then remove those hazards or decrease the degree of risk by adding hazard control measures. Thus, the workplace will become harmless and safe for workers to perform tasks. As per WHS (work, health, and safety) requirements, it is compulsory

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electrical equipment test and tag

How often does electrical equipment need to be tested and tagged?

Testing and tagging of electrical equipment depend upon many factors but the most important factor is the environment in which appliances are used or located. The least possible testing and tagging intervals are mentioned in AS/NZS 3760 standard. However, these testing intervals also depend upon the WHS Risk Assessment strategies of different companies. Testing frequencies

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Electrical Cattle Test and Tag

Are Kettles Class 1 or Class 2 Appliances?

Kettles have become a staple in the home. And with this, many wonder if they should be classified as Class 1 or 2. Electrical appliances can either be classified as Class 1 or 2. This classification is based on their energy rating, which will determine the safety and power levels of the appliance. Before we

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Electrical Test and Tag Services

What Qualities to Look for While Hiring a Testing and Tagging Expert?

There is nothing that needs more attention in a workplace than safety. It does not matter whether it is a massive construction project or a production facility, slight ignorance can cause massive damage. All the electrical appliances must be checked on a specified intervals to ensure that no danger of electrical shock or fire exists

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RCD Or Safety Switch Testing Australia

Why Is Electrical Appliance Inspection Essential?

We are surrounded by loads of electrical appliances. But damages and faults are inevitable. A hidden fault in your appliance may occur at the most unexpected time and cause serious damage. This can even lead to fatal consequences and property damage. If faults can occur anytime, then what is the possible solution to ensure that

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